Thursday, July 5, 2007

What Women Want

Every woman has an idea of what she wants in a man, you may think it all differs, but but in all honsety is much of the same thing. At the end of the day we all want a good man to love and care for us, to be there for us, to be our strenght and support, to be the father of our children, someone who will love us as much as we love them.

Here is the superficial list of the elements that women want in a guy, i can go on for days, but i think most of our wants fall into one of the 20 elements liste below.
1. A good looking guy
2. Ambitious
3. God faring
4. Healthy
5. Has a job - a good job in a fortune 100 company
6. College graduate, post college degree even better
7. Good sense of Humor
8. Honest
9. Caring
10. Romantic
11. Good conversation
12. Taller than her
13. Wants kids
14. Not a player, Not a woman beater, Not a criminal
15. Shared interests
16. Good body - that should be further up on the list
17. Know how to please a woman
18. Has a good relationship with his family
19. Has his own place aka independent
20. Loves her for who she is

Funny thing though is that even if you find a guy that fits all 20 of the elements above, it is still possible that you dont end up together or he isn't the one for you, WHY? because we are missing the X factor, a certain jenesequa, some people call it chemistry ...simply put its the feeling that you get everytime you see him that just makes you smile.

The First Date

So you meet this guy, you are so psyched that you find him attractive, you have talk for a while, you exchange numbers .... sound familiar?

At this point i say the wait is on ... the wait is usually the time between when a man gets your number and the moment he uses it. Now-a days i have heard there is an unspoken 3 day time frame, which is that he usually calls within that 3 day s or he waits that long to call, personally i think thats silly. if he is interested and not into games he will call you by day 2.

Okay so day 2 rolls around and you look at your phone and lo and behold he calls, you have the first conversation and you set up the FIRST DATE.

So here my rules/thoughs about the first date - please feel free to agree/disagee

1. Do agree to do something you personally like or enjoy, hey if you are going to be out with this stranger you might as well know that even if your date is bad you will enjoy yourself.

2. Don't overdress or go over board with how you look, if you get there and he is casually dressed then it looks like you are trying to hard.

3. Do know where you are going, so at least you can dress appropraitely for the location.

4. Don't pick an activity that doesn't allow you to have a conversation or be close to one another, because after all the firstdate is all about getting to know each other ... or better still figuring out if you want to go on the second date.

5. Do be honest, you might never see this guy again, so why lie? also don't try to act like what you are not, because he will find out after subsequent date who you really are, so he might as well know on the first go.

6. Don't build it up, you may be excited about the date, but don't overthink, build it up or over hype it, because 9 times out of 10 it won't live up to you imagination.

7. Don't let him pick you up from home - it's the millenium meet him there - plus if he is psycho do you really want him knowing where you live?

8. To kiss or not to kiss on the first date - this is a hard one ... I say go with the flow ..if you want to and you are feeling it then go for it. but i do feel it sets the tone for the relationship, i say hold out till at least the 2nd or 3rd date ... build up to it come on you are worth it.

9. Don't offer to pay - ladies i know you are independent and all, but i still believe the man should take care of you, have more dates you can pay for in the future, let the first one be on him.

10. Do say thank you, be appreciative of the date and his company.

Those are my top 10, but after this i feel the wait begins again, do you call him and set up the second date or do you wait for him to call ...i will let my readers comment on that ... Call or let hime call? what do you think?